Thursday, November 7, 2013

Who Would Have Known?

Who would have known?
A homeschool teacher?
No! I can't do this! 

But wait Lord!  My daughter -
Wait! I meant - 'Your' daughter! She is no longer a little one?
She's a thriving teenager - a cheerleader - I can't pull her out of school now..."

The argument within my mind could not compete with the overwhelming, unfathomable peace that I had within. In the same mindset as Gideon I plead with God, "Okay Lord, if this is of You, then please prepare her heart for this..."

After a few tears shed on her part and a gradual heart change, within a few months as she checked her heart with God, she knew it was a God 'thing', not just the 'right' thing.  We didn't understand and we don't fully know why even up 'til now - but the believing in God outweighs the 'why' any day of the week.

I'll tell you what made this an incredibly difficult decision - it was truly due to having no complaints about our school - as a matter of fact, it was just the opposite - we were in a great school district, enjoyed and valued our school community and truly appreciated the teachers and principal.  None of it made sense - but what did overrule what made sense was what I knew I heard in my spirit, "This is what I've called you to do."  So when people ask why I'm homeschooling, I simply say, "This is what I'm called to do."

Now mind you, you may be saying what I was saying to myself, "Are You sure this is You Lord?  You said to shine the light of you that is within us, You did not call us out of the world because of moral decay, You have appointed us to go to the world because You want to reveal Your resurrection life in the midst of death.  Even in that knowing, it was as though as I was hearing, "I'm glad you know that - but this is what I have called you to do for such a time as this."  Whether this is a preparation and equipping time, or for another reason, all in all it is to focus on Who He is. Although I know that apart from Him I can do nothing - the comforting truth is that with Him I can - and when  in doubt or when I'm about to slip into that mode of, "Am I sure I heard from God on this?"  I remember our school motto from Philippians 4:8 -

And we know that we must start our school day on a daily basis with Proverbs 16:3 - committing our day to the Lord - as He is The One Who makes our efforts successful.

What do you feel He is equipping and preparing you for?